Leadership development

Building visionary, ambitious and effective senior leadership with a focus on skills and capacity gaps, diversity, talent management and effective use of apprenticeships, as well as encouraging leadership behaviours at all levels.

The LGA Consultancy offers the following products and services to develop leadership in local authorities:

Develop management competencies: front line and middle managers

This innovative product aims to develop management competencies in front line and middle managers through game-like scenarios. This offer is an alternative to traditional development and has three aims:

  • to challenge individuals to think differently and improve their behaviours
  • to be cost effective, flexible and highly customisable to any operation
  • to be fun and engaging.

This product is targeted at LGA members who want: operational flexibility; control over learning experience; minimal time off the job yet maximal impact for minimal cost.

Two thirds of the scenarios are generic with the other remaining scenario being tailored to the client. The product is aimed at 6-8 players and comes with a facilitators guide so an organisation wishing to reduce cost could purchase the product and facilitate the scenarios itself.

Organisations wanting to benefit from this innovative product will be charged £5,000 plus VAT and reasonable expenses. The cost without a facilitator will be reduced.

For more information on costs and time commitment, please contact Sarah.Messenger@local.gov.uk

Leadership development for combined authorities

The LGA is pleased to offer the Leadership Collective programme to its members. The programme is designed to accelerate leadership behaviours that combine an authority in a way that systems and procedures alone cannot. Chief executives across the combined authority will build both the strong, collaborative relationships and the behaviours required to achieve shared ambitions – which in turn will enable greater collaboration and empowerment through the combined authority.

Delivery of the bold, exciting and innovative plans that unite a combined authority will require a different kind of leadership. Leadership that is not theoretical, abstract or controlling, but practical, tangible and empowering. Building on progress already made, the Leadership Collective programme is designed to align and develop leadership behaviours that will turn ambitious plans into reality.

The Leadership Collective programme involves:

  • initial 1:1s with up to six chief executives of the combined authority
  • a total of four days workshops and masterclasses for the executive team -including some time with the broader leadership team
  • all workshop preparation, including collation of 1:1 outputs into key themes
  • two addition 1:1s with each chief executive
  • follow-up calls as required.

For more information on costs and time commitment, please contact Sarah.Messenger@local.gov.uk