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Contract management

The pressing need to find savings means many councils are exploring new ways of commissioning and delivering services. Councils need effective contract management to ensure they maximise both the opportunities and the potential savings these bring. LGA has been working with Newcomen Consultancy to produce the following resources on Contract Management.

‘Making Savings from Contract Management' (first published in 2013)

Update on some of the case studies identified in Making Savings from Contract Management

Template Operations Manual

Flyer: More about Leeds Beckett University Advanced Professional Diploma Contract Management PFI/PPP or see

Case studies

Find out more about how Medway Council redesigned their SEN Transport service to help save over £1m per year (PDF)

Street Sweeping (PDF)

Traffic Signal (PDF) 

Fostering (PDF)


Published by DCLG, the Local Government Transparency Code meets the Government's desire to place more power into citizens' hands to increase democratic accountability and make it easier for local people to contribute to the local decision making process and help shape public services.

Download the template clauses for inclusion in ITT documents (PDF, 1 page, 80KB)

Household Waste Collection Savings 

Many councils are looking for procurement savings opportunities from their waste collection service.  See below for LGA's 2013 report on how councils were saving money on bins, bags and refuse vehicles.

Feedback from the Weekly Collection Support Scheme Workshops  (PDF, 7 pages, 1.2MB large file)

Colleagues from Local Partnerships developed a report on how procurement savings can be made through collaboration on household waste services. The report collates findings from a short study of both the public and private sectors and information from experts in this field. It finds that savings of up to 10 per cent on vehicles and 35 per cent on wheeled bins can be achieved through clearer specification and procuring in larger volumes in partnership with other councils. It estimates that the scale of these opportunities total over £70m per year.

Household Waste Collection: Procurement Savings Opportunities (PDF, 23 pages, 724KB)

Waste and Recycling Programme

There are approximately 23 million dwellings in England most of which require a weekly or fortnightly refuse and recycling collection.  Councils spend £852m per year on waste collection, and given that many contracts were negotiated several years ago and are ready for renewal, even a small efficiency saving of say 5% would equate to a £42.6m reduction in spend in this area.  

We are now pleased to announce the winning bids for our Waste and Recycling programme.

Enterprising Councils

Getting the most from trading and charging (PDF, 28 pages, 644KB)

Further information about the Coventry, Solihull and Warwickshire shared service and their work in Children's Services - Download the Powerpoint presentation

Managing the risk of Procurement fraud

It has been estimated that fraud costs local government in the region of £2.2 billion per year, of this £876 million a year can be attributed to procurement fraud making it the largest single area of financial loss to fraud in local government. LGA and the CIPFA Counter Fraud Centre have worked together to bring you this practical guide on recognising and dealing with procurement fraud.

Managing the risk of procurement fraud (PDF, 24 pages, 418KB)




13 July 2016

Local Government top suppliers by spend 2014






Download the PDF (1 page)

Top 40 Partnerships by savings made

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